Ben Krahl a.k.a. bensnburner thrives on the art of juggling diverse projects, each a unique journey of its own. A central masterpiece commands his attention, demanding time and delving into the depths of creativity. Yet, in the midst of this, smaller, more spontaneous endeavors come alive—each a burst of inspiration, a gateway to sidestep the pitfalls of overthinking, and a portal to fresh perspectives.

Amidst this creative symphony, Ben’s current magnum opus takes center stage—an album sculpted from the tapestry of a decade’s worth of private recordings. This journey began in his childhood, a tale woven through tape recorders, Minidiscs, mobile phones, and specialized field recorders. These recordings, not mere music but acoustic chronicles, encapsulate moments that stir emotions upon rediscovery.

A trove of sounds, harvested from daily life, tours, and ventures, reside within his library—a collection as diverse as it is resonant. It spans genres from doom metal rehearsals to the echoes of an indigenous tribe in a distant Taiwanese jungle, or the curious melody of a friend’s car being towed.

Further enriching this mosaic are meticulously crafted sessions captured in various backdrops, including the vast expanse of a 400-square-meter hall, where reverb dances for seven seconds. This labyrinth of sound marked only the beginning. What follows is the exhilarating dance of creation.

Here, Ben doesn’t merely remix or create. He curates experiences, weaving sonic tapestries from his recordings, embracing emotions as their guiding force. This alchemical approach uncovers hidden threads connecting sound and soul, transcending mere musicality.

A steadfast rule governs his work: only recordings with Ben’s direct instrumental touch earn their place. The result isn’t just a body of work; it’s a personal odyssey, a symphony of emotions and memories that defies boundaries and conventions.

But this is just one facet of Ben’s artistic odyssey. An intrepid explorer of creativity, he embraces the uncharted. His world is one where randomness is not chaos, but a muse. He turns mundane streets into treasure hunts, seeking inspiration in discarded boxes marked „free,“ igniting new projects from forgotten remnants.

This spirit of adventurous innovation echoes in every note of his music, even in unexpected places. It’s the driving force behind his band bunsenburner’s new album „Rituals,“ slated in summer of 2023. Here, vinyl records plucked from those serendipitous boxes intertwine with deep, distorted riffs, transcending the ordinary.

In 2023, Ben extended his artistic vision, birthing the „Institute for Empirical Random Research“ (IEZF). A global playground for creative minds, this institute unites artists across continents to embrace the serendipity of inspiration. It’s a playground where coincidence becomes art and the unexpected paints new dimensions on the canvas of creativity.

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